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SpinnakerOne is not only an approach but a culture which embodies the key philosophies of DWS.


These are upheld and supported through our people and are based on the following philosophies: Smart consulting; People are the key to success; Early resolution of issues; Continuous improvement; Customised framework and the goal of defect free software.


SpinnakerOne provides both a generic ‘core’ methodology with a broad application, and a more targeted Specialist Methodology where a detailed approach is required.

Some important features of SpinnakerOne are:


  • Consistent Approach: Through the consistent implementation of processes, templates and standards, SpinnakerOne makes it quicker and easier for consultants to get up to speed on any project, allowing consultants to focus on what they do best; deliver consistently excellent outcomes. In addition, detailed technology-specific documentation and industry best coding standards are provided to give a consistent approach to these areas. 
  • Training: All DWS staff undertake focussed SpinnakerOne training to properly understand this Quality Management System and its methodologies. The training has a strong practical focus and uses experienced DWS consultants to convey, in real terms, the approach with an emphasis on practical exercises.