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DWS iSolutions is a Specialist Practice that focuses on the delivery of Internet solutions via the ‘cloud’.


Researched and developed at DWS, the iSolutions cloud products provide an innovative workbench to capture the intentions of domain experts to translate requirements directly into cloud software services.


Our clients include major financial institutions and telecommunications companies that use our cloud computing solutions for data capture, form automation, data state management and data presentment.


The iSolutions cloud offering is made up of the following innovated products:


iApply is a framework for building intelligent online data capture forms. Key features of iApply include online verification of identity, turn-key product manufacturing, data and process integration, PDF output and integrated analytics and workflow events. iApply provides an application workbench to capture the application requirements from the domain expert and project these intentions directly into the executable and documentation representations.


iPublish is a Content Management System, designed to “entitle” and “target” content. The iPublish architecture includes client and server side modules, page and skin templates and an external plug in interface. Entitlements can be assigned to across menus and sites to different authority users.


my2ic is a Personal Wealth Manager and Financial Adviser Workbench solution. Designed for Financial Advisers and their Clients, functions include customer registration, single sign on, adviser functionality, complex portfolio hierarchies and entitlements, back office integration and delegated authorities. my2ic includes iSF, the iSolutions Security Framework defines how access security is controlled in iSolutions applications. It encourages hierarchical access rights, by different organisational units, and by different classes of user, to iSolutions applications, with all but the base level of the hierarchy having rights to appoint and change the rights and available functionality of those in the hierarchy below them. No level in the hierarchy may offer access rights that are greater than their own access rights, to anyone in the hierarchy.


The D2Bank is a data aggregation store that federates many identities into the one natural person. The D2Bank creates a Single View of the Customer by integrating data from legacy systems and executing Data Matching. The D2Bank technology contains data precedence and versioning rules, enabling many versions of the same data attribute to be stored.


The DWS iSolutions product set is designed for the following market sectors:

  • Education
  • Financial Services
  • Government agencies and departments
  • Health
  • Aged Care
  • Law Enforcement and Homeland Security
  • Mining
  • Retail
  • Utilities


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