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DWS iSolutions offers ongoing post-sales support to clients, including any issues regarding design, technical support and updates. In order to ensure that your issue is addressed efficiently DWS iSolutions requires you to provide certain information when lodging a Support Request.


Support hours are per the client's Solution Subscription and Support Services Service Order. Currently there are four ways of logging an issue with DWS iSolutions:

  1. business hours phone number 1300 857 839
  2. after hours phone number 1300 857 839
  3. email iSolutionsSupport@dws.com.au
  4. DWS Job Tracking System https://mantis-isolutions.dws.com.au/ 
    (client login issued by DWS iSolutions)

How to Lodge a Support Request

The following is a procedural checklist and format which you must follow whenever you lodge a Support Request (please note that each issue must be logged separately).

Step 1 – Categorise your issue

DWS iSolutions requires all issues to be categorised to ensure that the issue is addressed by the correct person. Following are a list of categories and their definition. When logging an issue it must be categorised as one of the following:

Product defect, including the following:
  • Function not operating as specified
  • Function resulting in error
  • Missing function
Change Request
Enhancement or customisation to the product to an existing product feature or module.
Issue relating to the operating environment, network or communications.
New Feature
New product feature or module.
Product performance issue.
Product Support
Support request relating to the use of the product’s end user functions that can be addressed through instruction and/or training.
Technical Support
Support request relating to the use of the product’s underlying functions, infrastructure or interfaces that can be addressed through instruction and/or training.
Visual / User Interface
Visual presentation, design or user interface issue.

Step 2 – Prioritise your issue

By prioritising your issue DWS iSolutions will respond to a support request in line with the severity of impact it has. Use the Priority definitions per your DWS iSolutions Solution Subscription and Support Services Service Order

Step 3 – Initial Description

Please provide a full description of your issue. You will need to provide DWS iSolutions with as much information as possible to assist us in replicating and identifying the issue. As a general rule, the more detailed the description the better. Below is a guide to describing the issue:

Describe the:

  • Product
  • Module
  • When the error occurs
  • By whom
  • Error message encountered
  • Steps to reproduce the issue
  • Screen shots


With some issues it helps to provide screen shots as visual articulation of an issue. Screen shots can be made by pressing the print screen button on your keyboard and then copying it into a word document or sending the image itself.

Step 4 – Your contact details

Especially when requesting online assistance, include contact details so DWS iSolutions can respond to your request. Include details such as:

  • Company Name
  • Your Name
  • Your Contact email
  • Your Contact phone

Step 5 – URLs

Provide links to either the test or production site where you have encountered the problem.


How DWS iSolutions will respond to your Issue

After your issue has been logged and prioritised, support staff will attempt to replicate it and allocate the issue to the most suitable technical staff member. The issue will then be dealt with according to its priority.


If DWS iSolutions is able to replicate the issue, DWS iSolutions will contact you and provide you with an update on the issue, its progress and estimated resolution time. Once the issue has been resolved and tested by DWS iSolutions, the site will be ready for retesting by you. DWS iSolutions will provide any additional URLs required. When you are satisfied the issue has been resolved DWS iSolutions will close the issue.


If the issue was not able to be replicated, the issue will be closed and you will be notified.



  • Categorise the issue
  • Prioritise the issue
  • Summarise the issue
  • Describe the issue
  • Supply your contact details
  • DWS iSolutions Job Number
  • Additional information (screen shots, URLs…)


Even when logging a service request over the phone, please ensure you have completed the above checklist to ensure that your issue is raised as soon as possible.

Submit your support request online

If you would like to submit your support request online, please complete the form below.

Remember to include as much detail as possible in your report.

A servicedesk representative contact you for once we have confirmed your report or if we require further information.



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