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Large Utilities Provider Solves SAP and BI Complexity

DWS Insight Analytics implements best practice processes and innovation, empowering business users with business analytics on SAP day one.

A large gas and electricity utility undertook a major SAP implementation with a data warehouse and business intelligence capability required on day one.

DWS Insight Analytics were engaged in the data warehouse and business intelligence project streams to provide best practice processes and innovative solutions to solve the complex day one go-live issues.

As the core SAP system evolved the traditional change cycle created rework and unacceptable delays. At the same time business users struggled to articulate detailed requirements as they were unsure what data would be available for analysis.

The solution was a flexible and extensible data architecture to minimise rework as the core SAP system changed. Education on the toolset capability enabled staff to think ‘beyond Excel’ and visualise the concept of dimensionality and analytics.

The Solution In-Depth 

Stakeholder Engagement:

DWS led a process where functional proof of concepts with sample data from the business were developed and presented to executive and operational stakeholders. This resulted in enterprise buy in from the beginning and the stakeholders starting to think ‘beyond excel’.

Information Architecture:

An information architecture consisting of a number of business subject area dimensional models was developed with the key stakeholders.  This, in conjunction with the proof of concept presentations, established reports and analytics which were independent of core systems and available to the business via self- service on day one.

Data Architecture:

Having agreed and extensible business subject areas, dimensional or analytical layer in data warehousing terms, meant changes in the dimensional data model and the subsequent business intelligence meta-data were rare.  Therefore the changes coming from the SAP ERP have less change impact on the ETL and data modelling teams and in most instance no impact on business intelligence teams.


Innovative, Future Proofed, ERP BI:

DWS designed an innovative data, meta-data and information architecture to future proof the BI integration and delivery. This enabled BI reporting to be built in parallel to the ERP project streams.


BI Best Practice Methodology:

DWS implemented a reports templates methodology that allowed changes to automatically flow through to all reports by changing the templates. 

Being responsible for quality assurance DWS developed standards and quality check lists.  All BI artefacts were signed off by DWS Insight Analytics specialists before going to user testing.


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