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AEMO Yields Savings Through Streamlining Complex Business Processes.

Energy and Gas regulator AEMO has used DWS iApply technology to automate and streamline the collection of electricity and gas infrastructure details. Delivered in thirty days, the DWS iSolutions project replaced the organisation’s manual data collection process with a cloud based iApply solution that achieved superior data integrity, faster data collection times and reduced administrative costs.


As the National Energy Market Operator and planner, AEMO plays an important role in supporting the industry to deliver a more integrated, secure, and cost effective national energy supply. The regulator relied on a manual system of data capture for recording electricity and gas infrastructure details that was problematic in terms of data consistency, accuracy, availability and security. Because many versions of the survey form existed, the data reconciliation process was resource intensive and reporting on the data was both complex and time consuming. Stakeholders within the data collection process were disengaged and the system seemed too hard to improve.


The iApply Solution

DWS iSolutions responded with their world leading form automation technology iApply. The cloud based solution was delivered in just thirty days and replaced the manual data collection process with an online form experience. The automated process was supported by business rules and strict data validation to ensure the completeness and accuracy of every entry. The solution enabled customised reporting including the ability to carry out ‘what-if’ analysis.

Value Delivered

AEMO has benefited from a dynamic collection form that can now respond to changing business requirements and provides a much faster data collection method. Form version control and the addition of strict business rules have led to enhanced data integrity whilst the simplification of the entire process has reduced the administrative burden and led to improved financial and stakeholder engagement outcomes.


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