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This policy applies to DWS and covers our six leased offices in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Geelong, and Sydney. Our commitment is to reduce our direct and indirect impacts on the environment.


In our offices

We recognise that the activities required to deliver our services have both a direct and indirect impact on the environment. To support our commitment, DWS will:

• Comply with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations
• Eliminate avoidable business travel
• Maintain an employee engagement program to raise awareness and embed environmental responsibility into the way we do business
• Minimise the consumption of energy and water
• Encourage recycling of waste material
• Monitor and assess our environmental risks and impacts
• Provide support to our people to reduce their own personal environmental impact
• Strive for continuous improvement through setting targets, monitoring performance and alignment with our future corporate strategies
• Use resources efficiently and minimise the generation of waste.